The Second Book of the Chronicles
歴代志下 第12章

12-1 And it came to pass, when the kingdom of Rehoboam was established, and he was strong, that he forsook the law of Jehovah, and all Israel with him. レハベアムはその国が堅く立ち、強くなるに及んで、主のおきてを捨てた。イスラエルも皆彼にならった。
12-2 And it came to pass in the fifth year of king Rehoboam, that Shishak king of Egypt came up against Jerusalem, because they had trespassed against Jehovah, 彼らがこのように主に向かって罪を犯したので、レハベアム王の五年にエジプトの王シシャクがエルサレムに攻め上ってきた。
12-3 with twelve hundred chariots, and threescore thousand horsemen. And the people were without number that came with him out of Egypt: the Lubim, the Sukkiim, and the Ethiopians. その戦車は一千二百、騎兵は六万、また彼に従ってエジプトから来た民、すなわちリビアびと、スキびと、エチオピヤびとは無数であった。
12-4 And he took the fortified cities which pertained to Judah, and came unto Jerusalem. シシャクはユダの要害の町々を取り、エルサレムに迫って来た。
12-5 Now Shemaiah the prophet came to Rehoboam, and to the princes of Judah, that were gathered together to Jerusalem because of Shishak, and said unto them, Thus saith Jehovah, Ye have forsaken me, therefore have I also left you in the hand of Shishak. そこで預言者シマヤは、レハベアムおよびシシャクのゆえに、エルサレムに集まったユダのつかさたちのもとにきて言った、「主はこう仰せられる、『あなたがたはわたしを捨てたので、わたしもあなたがたを捨ててシシャクにわたした』と」。
12-6 Then the princes of Israel and the king humbled themselves; and they said, Jehovah is righteous. そこでイスラエルのつかさたち、および王はへりくだって、「主は正しい」と言った。
12-7 And when Jehovah saw that they humbled themselves, the word of Jehovah came to Shemaiah, saying, They have humbled themselves: I will not destroy them; but I will grant them some deliverance, and my wrath shall not be poured out upon Jerusalem by the hand of Shishak. 主は彼らのへりくだるのを見られたので、主の言葉がシマヤにのぞんで言った、「彼らがへりくだったから、わたしは彼らを滅ぼさないで、間もなく救を施す。わたしはシシャクの手によって、怒りをエルサレムに注ぐことをしない。
12-8 Nevertheless they shall be his servants, that they may know my service, and the service of the kingdoms of the countries. しかし彼らはシシャクのしもべになる。これは彼らがわたしに仕えることと、国々の王たちに仕えることとの相違を知るためである」。
12-9 So Shishak king of Egypt came up against Jerusalem, and took away the treasures of the house of Jehovah, and the treasures of the king’s house: he took all away: he took away also the shields of gold which Solomon had made. エジプトの王シシャクはエルサレムに攻めのぼって、主の宮の宝物と、王の家の宝物とを奪い去った。すなわちそれらをことごとく奪い去り、またソロモンの造った金の盾をも奪い去った。
12-10 And king Rehoboam made in their stead shields of brass, and committed them to the hands of the captains of the guard, that kept the door of the king’s house. それでレハベアム王は、その代りに青銅の盾を造って、王の家の門を守る侍衛長たちの手に渡した。
12-11 And it was so, that, as oft as the king entered into the house of Jehovah, the guard came and bare them, and brought them back into the guard-chamber. 王が主の宮にはいるごとに侍衛は来て、これを負い、またこれを侍衛のへやへ持って帰った。
12-12 And when he humbled himself, the wrath of Jehovah turned from him, so as not to destroy him altogether: and moreover in Judah there were good things found. レハベアムがへりくだったので主の怒りは彼を離れ、彼をことごとく滅ぼそうとはされなかった。またユダの事情もよくなった。
12-13 So king Rehoboam strengthened himself in Jerusalem, and reigned: for Rehoboam was forty and one years old when he began to reign, and he reigned seventeen years in Jerusalem, the city which Jehovah had chosen out of all the tribes of Israel, to put his name there: and his mother’s name was Naamah the Ammonitess. レハベアム王はエルサレムで自分の地位を確立し、世を治めた。すなわちレハベアムは四十一歳のとき位につき、十七年の間エルサレムで世を治めた。エルサレムは主がその名を置くためにイスラエルのすべての部族のうちから選ばれた町である。彼の母はアンモンの女で、名をナアマといった。 1
12-14 And he did that which was evil, because he set not his heart to seek Jehovah. レハベアムは主を求めることに心を傾けないで、悪い事を行った。
12-15 Now the acts of Rehoboam, first and last, are they not written in the histories of Shemaiah the prophet and of Iddo the seer, after the manner of genealogies? And there were wars between Rehoboam and Jeroboam continually. レハベアムの始終の行為は、預言者シマヤおよび先見者イドの書にしるされているではないか。レハベアムとヤラベアムとの間には絶えず戦争があった。
12-16 And Rehoboam slept with his fathers, and was buried in the city of David: and Abijah his son reigned in his stead. レハベアムはその先祖たちと共に眠って、ダビデの町に葬られ、その子アビヤが彼に代って王となった。